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Among the five foreign aids of the Shijiazhuang Yongchang Club, Romulo is the "most inconspicuous" one. He has neither the ability of Matthews and Muric to attack the city, nor the impact of Oscar, and he is not like Su Zu. The defending line of Poseidon has fixed Poseidon, so that some fans complained that this signing was "a bit wronged." However, whether it is coach Gutby or captain Matthews, they have a high evaluation of Romulo, calling it "an indispensable part of the team." Maybe everyone will realize that he was The 2012 London Olympics silver medal and the 2013 Confederations Cup winner, even if his state declines, he is still more than enough to deal with the Super League. It can only be said that his role is beyond the data.


30th birthday between the war


On September 19, in the first round of the Football Association Cup, the "strategic abandonment" Yongchang lost to Tianjin Teda 0:1; on the same day, Brazilian foreign aid Romulo, who joined this year, celebrated his 30th birthday.


That night, the club held a small birthday party for Romulo at the resident. Under the leadership of head coach Gutbi, everyone clapped rhythmically while singing a happy birthday song. When the singing stopped, Romulo blew out the birthday candles, and the "Pistachio" Oscar, who was already waiting aside, threw an egg on the back of "Shou Xing Luo"'s head, and the birthday crown cap was also taken to the ground. Just after Romulo was cleaned up, Captain Matthews spread the cream of the cake on Romulo's face, Suzu also smashed the egg on Romulo's head, and the eggs were all over the place. From these details, it is not difficult to see that everyone regards the club as their home and enjoys themselves.


What made Romulo even more excited was that he received a painting from his daughter. The top four people were holding hands, with their names on top of their heads, and the words "Daddy, this is a special day, happy birthday to you," All wishes come true". Romulo said that he knows that in China a daughter is called "daddy's little padded jacket". "In Brazil, there is no such name as a little padded jacket, but the role of a daughter to dad is the same as this, and it is to protect oneself. Dad, make Dad feel warm."


In addition to this birthday, Romulo remembers his 22nd birthday the most. Because on September 19, 2012, he played in the Champions League for the first time. When he represented Sparta Moscow in an away game against Barcelona, ​​he scored a beautiful goal to help the team gain a 2:1 advantage. "The Champions League is the best in the world. One of the top matches, the opponent is Barcelona. Although Messi scored 2 goals, we still lost, but for me, this goal has a special meaning and is also a precious birthday gift."

除了这个生日,Romulo最记得自己的22岁生日亚博城app手机。因为2012年9月19日,他第一次参加了欧洲冠军联赛。当他在对阵巴塞罗那的客场比赛中代表莫斯科斯巴达队时,他打入一个漂亮的进球,帮助球队获得2:1的优势。 “欧洲冠军联赛是世界上最好的。头号比赛中的对手是巴塞罗那。尽管梅西打进2球,我们仍然输了,但是对我来说,这个进球具有特殊的意义,也是一份宝贵的生日礼物。 ”

Has long overlapped with Chinese football


Before joining Yongchang, Romulo had an intersection with Chinese football. That was Brazil's 8:0 sweep of the national football game on September 11, 2012. However, at the time, Chinese fans were attracted by Neymar’s stars and dazzling scores. Few people noticed Romulo, who served as a midfielder.


Romulo said: "I remember this game was played in Recife. I was wearing the No. 5 jersey and partnered with Oscar in the midfield. I played for almost 80 minutes in the start and was replaced by Sandro after 8:0. Our team includes Neymar, Hulk, who became the European standard champion with 50 million euros, and Marcelo, Ramirez and others. That is a very good team."


Regarding the 8:0 score, Romulo bluntly did not expect, "Before the game, the head coach Menezes reminded us that the Chinese team is not easy to deal with. They only lost 1 goal against the world champion Spain. But on the court. On the top, the Chinese players were obviously not excited enough, and our offense was very smooth. We hit the goal post shortly after the opening and scored in about 20 minutes. In fact, the 2:0 in the first half was normal, but I did not expect it to be 5 minutes in the second half. The Chinese team lost 3 goals in a row."


This 8:0, created the national football's record for the largest loss in an international A-level event, and the hearts of fans fell to the freezing point. After missing two consecutive World Cups, Chinese football started the path of naturalization. Elkson became Exxon, Fernando became Fernando, Aloisio changed his name to Luo Guofu, and Golat or Golat. Alan is also called Alan, and their common name is "Brazilian Chinese Player", so that some fans said: "The Chinese team is about to become the third Brazilian team." To this Romulo said: "I know that Chinese football is naturalized. Many Brazilian players, in a short period of time, they can immediately improve the level of the national team, but looking to the future, Chinese football cannot rely on naturalization. More importantly, they must make their players better and grow them quickly."

这8:0创造了国家足球在国际A级赛事中损失最大的纪录,而球迷的心也跌到了冰点。在连续两次缺席世界杯之后,中国足球开始了归化之路。埃尔克森(Elkson)成为埃克森(Exxon),费尔南多(Fernando)成为费尔南多(Fernando),阿洛西奥(Aloisio)更名为罗国富(Luo Guofu)和Golat或Golat。艾伦也叫艾伦,他们的通称是“巴西中国球员”,因此一些球迷说:“中国队将成为巴西的第三支球队。”罗慕洛对此表示:“我知道中国足球已经入籍。许多巴西球员在短时间内可以立即提高国家队的水平,但展望未来,中国足球不能依靠入籍。更多重要的是,他们必须使自己的球员变得更好,并迅速成长。”

When asked if Romulo is considering naturalization, he said: "Even if I want to, I can't play for the Chinese team because I have played for the Brazilian team."


The road to football starts on the streets


Romulo’s birthplace, Picus, is located in the Brazilian state of Piauí, one of Brazil’s poorest states. Like many Brazilian children, he has been “playing wild football” on the streets since he was a child, eager to change his life through football.


Romulo said: "Brazil is the kingdom of football. Street football is very common. Many superstars, including the king Pele, came from street football. When I was young, I played with my friends in the traffic. It is the happiest thing."

罗穆洛说:“巴西是足球王国。街头足球非常普遍。包括国王贝利在内的许多超级巨星都来自街头足球。小时候,我和朋友们一起玩车。这是最幸福的事情。 ”

When Romulo was 14 years old, he was photographed by a professional club scout, “In Brazil, many club scouts will go to the streets to watch children play, and then discover the stars of hope from within. This scout especially likes I, want me to go to their club to receive formal training, but they are 400 miles from the city where I live, so I didn’t immediately agree."


However, the temptation of professional football is still great. After discussing with his parents, Romulo finally joined the club called Porto and officially started his career, where he played until the age of 19. Subsequently, he moved to the Brazilian powerhouse Vasco da Gama Club. With plenty of physical fitness, penetrating pass and fierce defense, he quickly occupied the position of the main midfielder and helped the team rank in the first season. In the middle of Brazil, he won the Brazil Cup in the second season and qualified for the Copa Libertadores. Romulo said: "More and more fans like me, and my stickers have become part of their collection. It's incredible."

但是,职业足球的诱惑仍然很大。经过与父母的讨论,Romulo最终加入了一个名为Porto的俱乐部,并正式开始了他的职业生涯,直到19岁他都参加了比赛。随后,他搬到了巴西劲旅Vasco da Gama Club。由于身体健康,传球能力强和防守能力强,他很快占据了主要中场的位置,并帮助球队在第一个赛季排名。在巴西中部,他在第二个赛季赢得了巴西杯,并获得了解放者杯的参赛资格。 Romulo说:“越来越多的粉丝像我一样,我的贴纸已经成为他们收藏的一部分。这太不可思议了。”

Romulo's outstanding performance attracted the attention of European clubs, and he was naturally selected for the Brazilian national team and the Olympic team. After the 2012 London Olympics, he joined the Russian Super League giants Sparta Moscow with a transfer fee of 8 million euros, and in the subsequent Champions League group game away game against Barcelona, ​​he harvested that at the Nou Camp. Meaningful goals. However, just as he was about to attack a higher goal, injuries entangled him, and the torn cruciate ligament made him a truce for a year and a half. After his comeback, it was difficult to get back to his peak state, so he landed in Europe 5. Years later, he returned to Barra and played for flamengo and Gremio, two traditional strong teams.

罗姆洛的出色表现吸引了欧洲俱乐部的关注,他自然而然地入选了巴西国家队和奥林匹克队。 2012年伦敦奥运会后,他以800万欧元的转会费加入了俄罗斯超级联赛巨人莫斯科斯巴达,在随后的欧冠小组赛客场对阵巴塞罗那的比赛中,他在诺坎普球场收获了这一殊荣。有意义的目标。然而,正当他要攻击更高的目标时,受伤缠住了他,十字韧带撕裂使他休战了一年半。复出后,很难回到自己的巅峰状态,因此他登陆了欧洲5年。几年后,他回到巴拉,效力于弗拉门亚博滚球app竞猜戈和格雷米奥这两个传统强队。

Perhaps it was the familiar environment that gave Romulo extra motivation, and his competitive level gradually picked up, especially the precise card position, good prediction and decisive clearance, which made him a strong midfielder of "Dunga style" , Thus entering the vision of Yongchang, who is "seeking waist" everywhere, and formally joined at the beginning of this year, starting the Super League career.

也许是熟悉的环境给了Romulo额外的动力,他的竞技水平逐渐提高,尤其是精准的发牌位置,良好的预测和决定性的清除能力,这使他成为了“ Dunga风格”的强大中场球员,从而进入了永昌的视野。 ,到处都是“寻求腰围”的人,并于今年年初正式加入,开始了中超职业。

Looking forward to the return of the Brazilian team to the top


Due to his outstanding performance in Brazil in the 2011 season, Romulo was recruited by the then Brazil coach Menezes to the national team to prepare for the South American Super Cup and rival Argentina. Romulo said: "Brazil has a lot of outstanding players and the national team roster is changed quickly, so I don't know whether I was selected for the national team or whether my mother got the news from TV and told me that she was so excited at the time. ."


In the second round of the South American Super Cup that year, Romulo ushered in the national team's debut, wearing the No. 8 jersey and starting the full game. He was in front of Ronaldinho, with Neymar, Mora and Boggs sat on the bench with Oscar and Eickson (Exon) who are now playing in the Super League, as well as striker Fred and others. "We won 2:0 in this game, and my performance was pretty good. What's more unforgettable is that I have the opportunity to play with Ronaldinho and Neymar and play by their side. I must always think about it. How to get better."

在那年的南美超级杯第二轮比赛中,罗姆洛(Romulo)穿着8号球衣开始了国家队的处子秀,并开始了完整的比赛。他在小罗面前,内马尔,莫拉和博格斯与现在正在超级联赛中效力的奥斯卡和埃克森(埃克森)坐在板凳上,前锋弗雷德和其他人。 “我们在这场比赛中以2:0获胜,而且我的表现还不错。更令人难忘的是,我有机会与罗纳尔迪尼奥和内马尔一起踢球并在他们身边踢球。我必须时刻考虑一下。如何变得更好。 ”

In 2012, Romulo scored the first goal of the national team in the game against Argentina and was selected for the Brazilian Olympic team. At the London Olympics, Romulo scored a goal in the semifinals against South Korea, but in the end Brazil lost to Mexico in the final and only won the silver medal. "The Brazil team had never won an Olympic champion before, so it was very Desire, I’m sorry it’s only a little bit short.” However, in the Confederations Cup the following year, Romulo and his teammates won the championship trophy, which also made up for the regret in his heart.

2012年,罗慕洛在与阿根廷的比赛中打进了国家队的第一球,并入选了巴西奥林匹克队。在伦敦奥运会上,罗慕洛在半决赛对阵韩国的比赛中打进一球,但最终巴西在决赛中输给了墨西哥,仅获得银牌。 “巴西队以前从未赢得过奥运会冠军,所以非常渴望。很抱歉,那只短了一点。”然而,在第二年的联合会杯中,罗慕洛和他的队友获得了冠军奖杯,这也弥补了他内心的遗憾。

In the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Romulo was not selected for the national team list and failed to show his skills in front of his hometown elders. In the semifinals, the Brazilian team suffered a humiliating 1:7 defeat. "As a Brazilian, this game will never be forgotten. At that time, I was watching the game with my friends. At 4:1, 5:1, everyone I cried. The Brazilian team didn't have the power to fight back. I have to admit that the German team that year was too strong."

在2014年巴西世界杯足球赛中,罗慕洛没有入选国家队名单,并且未能在自己的老乡长老面前展示他的技能。在半决赛中,巴西队惨遭1:7的惨败。 “作为巴西人,这场比赛将永远不会被忘记。那时,我和朋友们一起观看比赛。在4:1、5:1,我哭泣的所有人。巴西队没有反击的力量。我不得不承认那年的德国队太强大了。”

In the 2018 World Cup, the Brazilian team still hasn’t improved, and the 2022 World Cup is just around the corner. Romulo said: “The pattern of world football is indeed better than South America because our excellent players are very young. I was signed by them. Personally, I certainly hope that the Brazilian team can achieve good results in the 2022 World Cup and even regain the championship. I believe that the Brazilian team will return to the top one day."


I like life in Shijiazhuang very much


Before joining Yongchang, Romulo basically played for giant clubs. Why would he be willing to drop his worth to play in the Super League?


Romulo revealed that as early as when he was playing in the Russian Super League, his agent asked him if he was willing to play in China. "I felt that Chinese football was still very strange to me. Maybe 3 or 4 years later, I Will try to go to China to accept the challenge. Later, many friends told me that Chinese football is developing very fast, so you might as well try it. Brazil TV has live broadcasts of the Chinese Super League. I watched a few games and found it to be good. I also learned some through social platforms. It happens that the Yongchang Club needs a midfielder, and the two sides hit it off. After coming to Shijiazhuang, the first feeling that the city is very good, people’s life is very comfortable, it is suitable for family to accompany by side, I like the environment here.” Romulo Say.

罗穆洛透露,早在他参加俄罗斯超级联赛时,他的经纪人就问他是否愿意在中国踢球。 “我觉得中国足球对我还是很陌生。大约3或4年后,我会尝试去中国接受挑战。后来,许多朋友告诉我,中国足球发展很快,所以你可能会巴西电视台播放了中国超级联赛的直播,我看了几场比赛后觉得不错,还通过社交平台学到了一些东西,因为永昌俱乐部需要一名中场,而双方都受到了打击。来到石家庄后,第一感觉就是城市非常好,人们的生活很舒适,很适合一家人陪伴,我喜欢这里的环境。”罗慕洛说。

Of the 5 foreign aids in Yongchang, 3 are Brazilians. Suzu and Oscar can also communicate in English, which makes Romulo quickly integrated. "When I saw where I lived and where I trained, I was very excited. , The club’s leaders, head coach and Chinese teammates have helped me a lot in all aspects. Matthews and Muric also gave me a lot of advice, you know, when you come to a brand new environment, if someone tells you The same language and the same living habits make me feel very cordial. They told me what kind of city it is, what kind of league it is, and when there is no competition, they talk about things they like."

在永昌的5个外援中,有3个是巴西人。 Suzu和Oscar也可以用英语交流,这使Romulo迅速集成。 “当我看到自己的住所和训练的地方时,我感到非常兴奋。俱乐部的领导人,总教练和中国队友在各个方面给了我很多帮助。马修斯和穆里克也给了我很多建议,你知道,当您来到崭新的环境时,如果有人告诉您,相同的语言和相同的生活习惯使我感到非常亲切,他们告诉我这是一座什么样的城市,是一个什么样的联赛,以及什么时候没有竞争,他们谈论自己喜欢的事情。”

After 12 rounds of personal experience, Romulo has a new understanding of the Super League. Regarding his performance, Romulo said: "I am still adapting in the first 3 games, and my performance may not be very good. Starting from the 4th game, I gradually integrated into the team. I know I haven't scored yet, there will be some Fan friends think that I’m not performing well, but I’m not the kind of player who is good at scoring goals or has offensive characteristics. As long as I step on the court, I will be fully engaged. As long as the team needs, I can do anything.” ( Yandurong media reporter Xuguang)

经过12轮的亲身经历,Romulo对超级联赛有了新的认识。关于他的表现,罗穆洛说:“我仍然在前三场比赛中适应,我的表现可能不是很好。从第四场比赛开始,我逐渐融入了球队。我知道我还没有得分,在那里将会有一些球迷朋友认为我表现不佳,但我不是那种擅长进球或具有进攻特征的球员,只要我上场,我就会全心投入。只要团队需要,我什么都可以做。” (盐都榕媒体记者徐光)

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