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After losing to Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League semi-finals last season, it took RB Leipzig Bishop Nagelsmann a whole week to calm his mood. In a video conversation, he and I talked about the process of RB Leipzig's elimination of Tottenham and Atletico Madrid, and analyzed th亚博滚球app竞猜e gap between the team and Paris Saint-Germain, and then laughed.


Nagelsmann said that RB Leipzig is a young team that will learn from failure...


In the亚博城app手机 history of the Champions League, Nagelsman is the youngest coach to lead the team into the knockout stage. He is only 33 years old, one year younger than the team's substitute goalkeeper Shona! Had it not been for a knee injury to retire prematurely, the 33-year-old would probably still play the game instead of walking around the sideline. Nagelsmann himself admitted that as the youngest head coach in the history of the Bundesliga, the success he gained during Hoffenheim’s coaching paved the way for more young coaches.


The average age of the Bundesliga team coach is 49 years old. It is generally believed that experience is essential, but Nagelsman's resume subverts this concept. At the same time, he seems determined to challenge many traditional logics in football.


For example, Guardiola, Klopp and other coaches have their preferred formation, but Nagelsman does not. "I don't prefer any kind of formation because it's just numbers. I don't always think about the formation. This (formation) is the easiest thing to recognize on the court, but once the game starts, the situation can become very complicated."

例如,瓜迪奥拉,克洛普和其他教练都有他们偏爱的阵型,但内格斯曼则没有。 “我不喜欢任何形式的阵型,因为它只是数字。我并不总是考虑阵型。这种(阵型)是在球场上最容易识别的东西,但是一旦比赛开始,情况就会变得非常糟糕。复杂。”

How does Nagelsman plan to replace Werner who moved to Chelsea? "You can't, but I also have to find a way to replace Patrick Sigg." He said. Sigg was a striker who joined RB Leipzig on loan from Rome last season and has signed with another Bundesliga team Leverkusen this summer.

内格斯曼计划如何替换搬到切尔西的维尔纳? “你不能,但是我还必须找到一种方法来替代帕特里克·希格。”他说。希克是一名前锋,上个赛季从罗马借来了莱比锡RB,并在今年夏天与另一支德甲球队勒沃库森签约。

Nagelsman's tone was relaxed, and he didn't seem to worry much about these issues. In addition to coaching the team, he has many other hobbies in life, such as skiing, drones, etc., and can easily mingle with young players. In all respects, he is an "atypical" football coach.


At the age of 20, Nagelsman, a central defender, retired after a knee injury operation. At that time, he was very frustrated and considered changing careers and entering university to study business management courses. However, Tuchel, then head coach of Augsburg, invited him to serve as an unofficial scout for the club, which was his first step as a coach. Not long after, Nagelsmann joined the Munich 1860 club as the coach of the U17 youth team, and then entered the Hoffenheim Youth Academy in 2010. In early 2016, Nagelsman was appointed by Hoffenheim as the head coach of the first team.


In Germany, many media ridiculed Hoffenheim's "alcohol overpower", but Nagelsmann proved that all doubters were wrong, leading the team into the Champions League a season later.


"When I took over Hoffenheim, I was the only young head coach (Bundesliga). My success opened the door to other young coaches." He said, "I guess I should be a role model. Hoffenheim Bravely asked me to manage a professional team, and other clubs soon discovered that working with young coaches works. But if I lose every game in Hoffenheim, then we can’t It worked, right?"


This is part of Nagelsman’s charisma: he doesn’t mind getting embarrassed in front of the players or being questioned—on the contrary, he believes that young players can learn faster and he can interact with the players more easily. build connection.


At the same time, Nagelsman is also known for daring to try new technologies. While coaching Hoffenheim, Nagelsmann installed a large screen on the side of the training court for real-time analysis by the coaching staff; he also used drones and a type called "Footbonaut" that could help players A machine that improves reaction speed and spatial awareness. However, if you carefully analyze Nagelsman's coaching method, you can summarize two basic principles: in training, he has high requirements for team efficiency, and he focuses on humane communication with players off the court.


As a football coach, Nagelsman believes that his work "relies on tactics for three points and socialization for seven points."


Nagelsman's coaching philosophy has been influenced by Tuchel, Guardiola and Ralph Ronnick, but he also has his own unique insights into tactics. "When I first coached RB Leipzig, I was already very familiar with Ralph (Rangnick)'s high position pressure concept in Hoffenheim. This is a very important topic. In order to win the ball, we need to put pressure on our opponents almost every minute. ...But this is only one aspect. We also need to find a good balance between possession and offensive moments亚博城app手机. We need to decide whether to counterattack quickly or continue to control the ball in different situations."

内格斯曼的教练理念受到了Tuchel,瓜迪奥拉和Ralph Ronnick的影响,但他对战术也有自己的独到见解。 “当我第一次执教RB Leipzig时,我已经非常熟悉拉芬(Rangnick)在霍芬海姆(Hoffenheim)的高位置压力概念。这是一个非常重要的话题。为了赢得球,我们需要几乎向对手施加压力每分钟……但这只是一个方面。我们还需要在控球和进攻时刻之间找到一个良好的平衡。我们需要决定是快速反击还是在不同情况下继续控制球。”

What's interesting is that Nagelsman's way of coaching players is also different from other coaches. He likes to provide players with a lot of information. "On the training ground, sometimes you need to provide players with overloaded information, because only in this way can they improve." But he is not a tyrant who does not want to accept any suggestions. "As a coach, you need to understand the personality of each player. This is very important... It is important to have a good relationship with the players." He added.

有趣的是,内格尔斯曼(Nagelsman)指导球员的方式也不同于其他教练。他喜欢为玩家提供很多信息。 “在训练场上,有时您需要向玩家提供过多的信息,因为只有这样他们才能改善。”但是他不是不想接受任何建议的暴君。 “作为一名教练,您需要了解每个球员的个性。这非常重要……与球员保持良好的关系很重要。”他加了。

“If players love training and don’t treat training as a task assigned by the coach, then they can make progress. Social is very important, but in the final analysis, you have to understand how they want to play. When you get along with players, you need both Maintaining a good relationship with the players and helping them to improve requires a balance between the two."


Would you rather be a young coach or an old coach? When asked this question, Nagelsman smiled.


"I don't know, because I'm not old... I don't know if it's better to be older, but I like to try to stay young. This means I can understand players better. So, maybe being young is An advantage? Anyway, I want to play more games like young players."


Do you want to lead the team to challenge Bayern Munich's dominance in the Bundesliga?


"I think it's difficult." Nagelsman admitted, "They (Bayern) have very good players and they operate very well in the transfer market. They are rich, have top players, and have a champion mentality. Next This season, our goal is still to get a place in the Champions League, which is more important than chasing Bayern. We always try to reach the Champions League, but it is not easy."


How do you evaluate that many of the main players in the team have been poached by European giants?


Nagelsman did not answer this question directly. "We have a lot of players who have been targeted by other clubs, such as Yu Pamecano, Connet and Nkunku. These players are very talented and it is difficult to replace them every season, but it is important to continue to improve. . In any case, we need to find ways to succeed."

内格斯曼没有直接回答这个问题。 “我们有很多其他俱乐部(例如尤帕梅卡诺,康奈特和恩库恩)所针对的球员。这些球员非常有才华,很难在每个赛季都取代他们,但继续提高很重要。无论如何,我们需要找到成功的方法。”

So, have you considered your future?


In Europe, many clubs are interested in Nagelsman, but he is not in a hurry to change jobs, and he does not seem to want to fight for a lifetime in the coaching position. "I can't imagine myself continuing to coach for 30 years...then I won't have time to spend time with my family or do other interesting things."

在欧洲,许多俱乐部都对内格斯曼(Nagelsman)感兴趣,但他并不急于换工作,而且他似乎不想在教练职位上争取一生。 “我无法想象自己会继续执教30年……那么,我将没有时间陪伴家人或做其他有趣的事情。”

Nagelsman loves skiing and has considered being a tour guide, but at least at this stage, he is still passionate about coaching.


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