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The matchup between Zhejiang Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team and Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team on the evening of July 2 attracted attention not only because of the grievances left by the old opponents from the 17-18 season finals, but also the two teams in the team. The current high-profile direct dialogue between the stars is the battle between the two core guards Sun Minghui and Guo Ailun.


   And the result is that Sun Minghui finished 46 minutes with 34 points, 7 rebounds and 10 assists. Guo Ailun scored 22 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists.


After the game, the whole screen was marveling at Sun Minghui's full explosion from the defensive end to the offensive end. He was almost everywhere in the audience. "Sun Minghui should be the starting level of the national team as a defender." "The first defender's. The title is about to change." "He is better than most CBA small foreign players."

比赛结束后,整个屏幕都惊叹于孙明辉从防守端到进攻端的全面爆发。他几乎在观众席中无处不在。孙明辉应该是国家队的后卫。 “第一防守者。头衔即将改变。” “他比大多数CBA外国小球员都要好。”

In fact, the outbreak of Sun Minghui was not only against the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team. After adopting the all-China team during the Guangsha rematch, his position as a starting point guard was further established and completely became the offense of the Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team. "Mastermind", played very beautiful data, helped Guangsha men's basketball team to achieve five wins and one loss in six games. In the first six games, Sun Minghui's statistics are 14.3 points, 5.3 rebounds and 9.5 assists per game.

实际上,孙明辉的爆发不仅是针对辽宁男篮。在广厦队复赛中采用全中国队后,他的首发控球后卫地位进一步确立,并完全成为广厦男子篮球队的进攻。演奏非常漂亮的数据的“ Mastermind”帮助广厦男篮在六场比赛中取得了五胜一负。在前六场亚博滚球app竞猜比赛中,孙明辉的统计数据是每场14.3分,5.3篮板和9.5助攻。

As a point guard with the same American style of play, the biggest difference between Sun Minghui and Guo Ailun can be seen from this game. His speed is faster, and he can often complete a breakthrough in one step. Defensive players can't keep up. After he has reached the inside. There are more choices in the first time, you can do it yourself, you can make pie for your teammates, and he has a three-pointer. With good physical fitness, fast speed, basket, and Guo Ailun three years younger, it is only natural to become the most anticipated "back wave".


So after playing in Liaoning, he has always spoken highly of Sun Minghui. The famous basketball commentator Su Qun who said he is a "heroic character" once again sighed: "Sun Minghui is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Chinese class. Four times, I am optimistic that he will continue to run wild."


   Sun Minghui, born on April 26, 1996 in Jilin City, Jilin Province, is the first batch of players who received the Guangsha youth training and started his "cba scout" career. He came to Guangsha more than a year earlier than Hu Jinqiu and Zhao Yanhao. He was the meritorious coach who led Guangsha to CBA, and was discovered by Coach Zhang Xinmin, the founder of the team’s youth training. Zhang Xinmin was in an amateur sports school in Jilin. Discovered Sun Minghui, who was quite spiritual in playing basketball, and brought him back to Guangsha.

孙明辉,1996年4月26日出生于吉林省吉林市,是第一批接受过广厦青年训练并开始其“ CBA球探”职业的球员。他比胡锦秋和赵艳豪早一年来到广厦。他是带领广厦参亚博滚球app竞猜加CBA的功勋教练,并由该队青年训练的创始人张新民教练发现。张新民当时在吉林一家业余体育学校。发现了孙明辉,他在打篮球方面非常有精神,并将他带回了广厦。

  Although he was older than Hu Jinqiu and Zhao Yanhao, he came to Guangsha earlier, but Sun Minghui appeared later than "Gemini".


   Everyone knew that Sun Minghui was because of dunking.


In the 2016-17 season, he won the All-Star Dunk Contest with a full score of full marks. Everyone was amazed by the physical fitness of the 1.87-meter guard. He bounced so well and could do various movements in the air. The performance of that dunk contest was the most classic in recent years. The video was posted on the Internet, which surprised foreign fans.


However, at that time, everyone’s impression of him was just dunking. In a亚博城app手机ctual games, there were not many opportunities for dunking. In addition, the Guangsha Men’s Basketball team always chose foreign players at No. 1, which suppressed Sun Minghui’s playing time. His performance can only reflect. In the time spent on the bench sporadically.


He came into everyone’s field of vision for the second time. He went to the Chinese men’s basketball team. On the evening of November 26, 2017, he played South Korea away in the World Cup qualifiers. Sun Minghui made all four two-pointers in the first half. , Made 2 three-pointers and scored 5 free throws. With a 100% shooting percentage, the Chinese men's basketball team scored 19 points, which was the highest in the half, which surprised everyone. It was the first official appearance for the national team. Let Sun Minghui get the title of "Hero of Anti-Korean".

他第二次进入每个人的视野。他去了中国男篮。 2017年11月26日晚上,他在世界杯预选赛中客场挑战韩国。孙明辉在上半场全部四次两分命中。 ,他进了2个三分球,全场得分5次。中国男篮以100%的投篮命中率拿下19分,是半场最高分,这让所有人都感到惊讶。这是国家队的首次正式露面。让孙明辉获得“反韩英雄”的头衔。

Since then, Sun Minghui has continued to grow. In the past, he liked to use his physical fitness to make breakthroughs. While his movements became more and more flexible, he also practiced a three-pointer. He also smoothly took over the task of making cakes for Hu Jinqiu from foreign aid, and he can cooperate with him to play very beautifully. On the defensive end, he keeps getting tough, and is often tasked by Li Chunjiang to watch the opponent's small foreign aid.


Therefore, Sun Minghui, who was led by Li Nan at the last minute and followed the Chinese men's basketball team to participate in the 2019 Men's Basketball World Cup, was replaced by the team at the passive moment and stared at Poland's naturalized defender Slaughter in overtime. , Hitting a three-pointer in the last 40 seconds almost helped the team win, and every time he played, "the battle came." He became the male basketball player who received the most praise from fans in that World Cup besides Yi Jianlian who tried his best. .

因此,在最后一刻由李楠率领并跟随中国男篮参加2019年男篮世界杯的孙明辉在被动时刻被球队取代,并在加时赛中盯着波兰归化后卫斯劳特。 ,在最后40秒内命中三分球几乎帮助球队获胜,每次他踢球,“战斗就来了”。除了易建联,他成为了那届世界杯上最受球迷欢迎的男性篮球运动员。 。

After Nash's guidance last summer and the World Cup experience, Sun Minghui continued to "up the ball" and his ability rose by one level. He was no longer a substitute and defensive engineer, but became the absolute commander of the team, even Let the fans give suggestions to Guangsha, so we don't need to choose the foreign aid in the 1st position.


After experiencing the injury of the defender of the World Cup, when looking for a new candidate for the main defender of the national team, they also focused on him. After the 7 rounds of the semi-finals, Sun Minghui has clearly left other competitors far behind. , To become the most promising candidate, no one.

在经历了世界杯后卫的受伤之后,在为国家队的主要后卫寻找新人选时,他们也将重点放在了他身上。在进入半决赛的7轮之后,孙明辉显然已经远远落后于其他竞争对手。 ,要成为最有前途的候选人,没人。

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